72 Names of God Cellular Ascension Activation

Posted on 05/28/2020

They are called 72 names of God because they provide a mortal human with divine powers of creation. Each of the 72 names consists of 3 sounds: a source of positive energy, a source of negative energy and a connection to the earth.

The 72 names of God are considered to be useful and healing for a human soul as they are believed to purify the spirit, transform the energy from the invisible plain and cast it upon the humans who can use it as they think best. In fact, this powerful technology is what Moses used in order to part the Red Sea during the Israelites Exodus out of Egypt.

Aside from this track featuring the 72 Names of God, I have embeded a sonic alchemy combination of many other beneficial frequencies and healing instruments designed for your cellular ascension.

These other frequencies include:

Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibeten Singing Bowls, All Solfeggio Frequencies, Binaural of Phosphorus, 40hz Gamma Frequency, Serotonin Boost Frequency, Frequency of Gold in Phi, Frequency of Hydrogen in Phi, Magnetodielectric Scalar Fields, Sacral Activation & Zinc Frequency, Frequencies for Protection from 5G, Frequencies for Boosting Immune System, Saturn Frequency for Frontal Lobe Stimulation

In order to experience the full effects of this sonic activation, you must have a vibroacoustic therapy device. The device that I own and recommend is the Vibe System by Bioharmonic Technologies. Recently I partnered with their founder Dr. Steven Schwartz, who is a visionary leader in the field of frequency medicine to begin developing a series of powerful Vibroacoustic experiences designed to enhance the power of these ancient technologies and immerse you in a multi-sensorial sound healing experience.

If your interested in a Vibe System, go to https://BioharmonicTechnologies.com to learn more and use my promo code: ASCENDED to receive $100 discount on your purchase of a Vibe system.