Light Language Activation Codes for 2020

Posted on 12/27/2019

As I spent the day in deep contemplation of all that has unfolded in 2019 and went deep into forward manifestations for 2020 this transmission wanted to come through me.

The backing track is from my dear friends at Bioharmonic Technologies and the transmission is designed to activate your source code and to fully align you to your divine mission in 2020✨

- Featuring Frequency of God Tuning Forks -

In order to experience the full effects of this activation meditation, you must have a vibroacoustic therapy device. The device that I own and recommend is the Vibe System by Bioharmonic Technologies. Recently I partnered with their founder Dr. Steven Schwartz, who is a leader in frequency medicine to begin developing a series of powerful vibroacoustic experiences designed to enhance the power of these light language activations and immerse you in a multi-sensorial sound healing galactic experience.

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