About Tsunami Diamond

Tsunami Diamond is a Social Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of ASCENDED, Executive producer of dSTUDIOS & Viral Purpose Media, CTO of New Earth Now, New Earth Systems Developer & Architect of Virtual & Physical Decentralized Communities, Quantum Technology Inventor, International Speaker, Artist, Musician & Shaman.

Tsunami’s passion for helping others has led him to create several worldwide endeavors, based on social impact & uplifting human consciousness. Tsunami’s current projects include building ASCENDIA XR: The Ascended Game of Life - a New Earth Metaverse, developing 13 ASCENDIA Eco-Futuristic Cities & Resorts at key locations around the world, working with Earth Dollar to build The City of Atlantis in Las Vegas, uniting indigenous nations from around the world through ceremony, media & technology, and launching a new music album as an NFT for Humanity.

Tsunami’s mission is to help accelerate the ascension of humanity by creating & nurturing a global ecosystem of ASCENDED communities, lifestyle products, and services, digitally in the metaverse & physically at ASCENDIA locations around the world, to serve as lighthouses for future generations. By connecting and empowering an ecosystem of global change-makers to participate in and benefit from a digital & physical world that supports the financial, environmental, economic, & social welfare of all.

For the past seven years, Tsunami has embarked on a journey to discover the greatest secrets of our universe along with the current social and economical state of our planet to design a plan to unite ancient wisdom with modern technology and begin actively creating a brighter future for the betterment of all. 


His approach to medicine, health and healing is definitely unorthodox compared to modern day western allopathic medicine. His methods are a combination of modern day technology combined with ageless wisdom and ancient healing practices. Aside from studying and practicing Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Herbology, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Radionics, Color & Light Therapy, Sound Therapy, PEMF and Rife Therapy - Tsunami is also a Usui Reiki Master, Atlantean Reiki Master, Lemurian Light Healer, Taoist Inner-Alchemist, Egyptian Alchemist and Shamanic Healer.


After retiring from being a celebrity hairstylist in 2012, Tsunami decided to focus on entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2013, Tsunami co-founded Cre8ive Business, a digital agency based out of Los Angeles, and left the agency in 2017 to focus on his true calling which is to help shape the future of the planet in an impactful way. 


This led Tsunami down the path of developing his newest company ASCENDED, which recently launched and is quickly growing on a global scale. Ascended is a mycelial network of Ascenders, organizations, and nonprofits, joining forces under a decentralized framework designed for transparent co-creation, fractional ownership, and governance of a global portfolio of eco-resorts, communities and impact hubs.